Blockchain +   IPv6

Enterprise-ready blockchain bringing crypto

deeper into the Network Stack


IPV6 Headers



Why IPv6 Token?
Bypass corporate VPNs to access the blockchain.
Active Directory & LDAP Ethereum integration.
- The first Enterprise-scoped blockchain.
Undetectable and asymmetrical encryption.
- Native IPv6 network-based and secure transactions.
- Corporate Blockchain suite of tools to manage.
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Own   a piece of the internet

IPv6 Token Contract
Binance Smart Chain

100,000,000,000 total supply

Project Timeline


Soft Launch

August 25th 2021

- Project and web presence launched.

- Ethereum Contract launched.

Proof of Concept

September 31st


- Docker images pushed to dockerhub.

- Pushed code to public facing Git repo.

- IPv6 Consortium first look and testing.

Exchange listing

Early Q4


- Air drop to IPv6 Consortium members

- Liquidity added to major exchanges

Market Data Release

Mid Q2


- Full public launch of Crypto market data over IPv6

- Listing on Exchanges

Transaction Release



- Full public launch of Ethereum Transactions over IPv6

- Launch of Asymmetrical Encryption over IPv6

- Launch of Client to Client wallet over IPv6

Node Release

End of Q4


- Full launch of dedicated IPv6 node.

- Launch of DEX and Swapping capabilities over IPv6

Enterprise Release

End of Q2


- Launch of Full Enterprise Suite including LDAP, VPN, Intranet Smart Contracts

Computer Programming

IPv6 Standard Crypto Headers

Consortium proposed Extension Destination Options for Crypto use (managed by IPv6 Token).

  • Crypto market data

  • Transactions

  • Contract functions

  • P2P direct send

  • Swapping & NFTs


The practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data.

Ever navigate to a website at work and find the site blocked by the IT Department? 


That's called Layer 7 Content Filtering.

IPv6 Token project aims to bring the blockchain lower in the stack, more specifically on the IP/Transport layer (IPv6 protocol).  

Steganography is the science of hiding messages in unsuspected places;  in our case, were hiding the blockchain in IPv6 Custom Extension Headers.  These headers can contain bits of information that can be encrypted.

Better yet, you can even break up your message, for example a signed Ethereum transaction, into multiple packets and hidden inside multiple IPv6 packet headers.

IPv6 Token Project aims to standardize native IPv6 Crypto Headers.


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